How to Apply a Car Sign Decal


Car signs are incredibly effective at easily getting your branding to the world simply through driving your delivery or courier vehicle throughout the day and night. Sitting in traffic, you can effectively market to potentially hundreds of people every day. But again, if your car sign is getting stale, it may be time to revisit your car sign decal and replace it with a new design.

But how?

How to Change Your Car Sign Decal

Though it may seem like a tricky task, one of the often-forgotten benefits of using car signs is the surprising ease at which you can replace the decals for a brand new, fresh look. With some simple direction, you can apply your new car sign decal and make a fresh impression on your audience.

Items Needed:

Spray bottle Squeegee Liquid hand or dish soap Water

Creating Soapy Solution: First, you must create a simple, soapy water solution. Simply add soap to your spray bottle (be careful–a little often goes a long way), then fill the remainder of the bottle with water. Mix well.

Removing the Old Decal: At a corner of the old decal currently on your car sign, begin peeling away until you can lift the decal and remove it completely from the sign. Discard.

Prepping New Decal: Remove the backing film from the new decal.

Spraying Soapy Solution: Spray the adhesive side of the new decal. This will help when positioning the decal onto your sign.

Placement: Carefully place the new decal onto the sign, adhesive side down, and slide until it appears straight and centered.

Squeegee and Dry: Once properly placed, press the squeegee to the decal, running it along the surface of the sign and removing all air bubbles and excess water. Once smooth, give the decal once final wipe to remove any lingering water and allow to dry.

Once your new car sign decal is in place, your business is ready to catch the attention of motorists and all who see the fresh look. Though not nearly as intensive as a full re-brand, simply providing a new take on your company’s branding can provide the bang for your marketing buck.

But updating your car sign decal is just the tip of the iceberg. From window signs to big vinyl banners, there is a trove of options when it comes to getting the word out on your shop, restaurant or service. Need help getting started? We know just the people to talk to.

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