How to replace my car sign light?


Steps to Replace Your Car Sign Light

What you will need:

Phillips-Head Screwdriver Light Panel with (6) Plate Screws

Steps of replacement:

Remove car sign from car. Place car sign on its side, revealing the bottom and light panel. Using Phillips-head screwdriver, turn each screw holding light panel into sign counterclockwise until all are loosened and removed. Remove light panel from sign, being sure to unplug pigtail cable that connects the light panel and sign. Take replacement light panel and plug in pigtail connection. Secure light panel by screwing in all screws counterclockwise using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Turn on sign to ensure installation was completed successfully

Though car signs are a great tool, choosing an illuminated option allows you to market your business in the hours from dusk till dawn, never taking a night off. You and your employees work hard around the clock–why shouldn’t your car sign? With this how-to guide, even if your light needs a replacement, you can have your car sign light up and running in no time.

You can find more details in our step-by-step guide at our Car-Toppers FAQ Section:

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